In this age of digital information, people have become highly dependent on the Internet for information. People use the internet for a variety of purpose, examples of which are for Education and Research.

In the past, people have to go to a library to do some research. Today, most of the researches are done online in the comfort of our homes or offices using a computer, tablet or even a cell phone. The concept of E-books and online libraries play a major role in the advancement of online research. But before the concept of online research can be realized, raw and unstructured ‘data’ must be ‘processed’ before they can be uploaded and used online.

Intrinsic provides cost-effective and high quality Data & Content Enrichment support to one of the biggest Content Services and Advance Data Solutions provider worldwide.

Services Offered

Data Processing & Content Conversion with Abstracting & Indexing: We provide high accuracy and reliable quality transformation of content from any source (paper, electronic, scanned copy) into any structured digital format such as searchable pdf, xml, html, sgml and e-book. We can also write and convert instruction manuals for any product type.

Library Science: We catalog and create MARC records for books and other titles. We also do searching, matching and normalization for books and other source titles.

Video Transcription & Captioning: We provide transcription for both video and audio with captions or sub-titles (if needed) in subject matter such as general information, meetings, speeches, dialogues, conferences, medical, legal and the like.

Database Enrichment: We provide research services that will enable our client to populate, enhance and enrich the information contained in their database. The searching can be done through general or confidential sources via internet or other medium.

Language Translation: We have a wide source of native language experts who can translate documents from English to foreign language and vice versa. Some of these languages are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malay, Filipino, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French among others.