Driven by the release of various environmental legislation such as the European ELV (End of Life Vehicle) Directive, Europe/China/Korea ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), Japan ARL (Automobile Recycling Law), European REACH (Restriction, Evaluation, and Restriction of Chemicals) and many others, there has been an ever increasing demand for the production of Environmentally Safe & Friendly products particularly in the Automotive and Electronics industries. With this kind of trend prevailing, it is but empirical that any company who wants to be in the industry mainstream will have to integrate these Product Environmental requirements into their Product & Program Management process. Being able to design and manufacture Environment-friendly products will help companies keep up with the ever dynamic industry requirements, be able to create competitive advantage in the market and manage possible legal risks in the future.

There is no better way to achieve this goal than to have a “fool-proof Product Material Data Management System”. This is where we can help you!

We provide cost-effective Producer Responsibility and Product Compliance solutions. Our qualified PEM (Product Environmental Management) team, consist of Chemical Engineers and Chemists, assist companies worldwide in product materials Data Collection, Data Validation and Compliance Reporting using a combination of Supplier Management, Testing, and Resourced data. We have a combined technical experience of more than 20 years in this field.

Regulators and Original Equipment Manufacturers will continue to push to decrease the Environmental Impact of products. This is not just data management. This is a Way of Life!

Services Offered

Data Collection and Validation: Gathering and generation of Product Material Datasheets from supply base and conducting a thorough review of the datasheets collected to ensure their compliance to various Customer and Legal requirements.

Data Entry and Submission: Creation of Product Material Datasheets into the various Customer Databases such as IMDS (International Material Data System), MACSI, Honda Portal and etc.), conducting a thorough review of the datasheets created, submission to customers, and ensuring that all reports are fully approved. 

Turn Management and Maintenance: Periodic updating of existing Product Material Datasheets to cope up with the changes in product material contents and customer database system requirements.

Turn-Key Product Materials Reporting: Cradle to grave Product Materials Data Management solutions. This includes all services mentioned above plus Product Materials SoC (Substance of Concern) Management and Elimination.

Training and Consultancy: Provide IMDS hands-on training and help integrate Product Environmental Management (PEM) into the corporate program management process and the whole corporate organization.

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment): A Technique for assessing the potential environmental aspects associated with a product (or service), by compiling an inventory of relevant inputs and outputs, evaluating the potential environmental impacts associated with those inputs and outputs, interpreting the results of the inventory and impact phases in relation to the objectives of the study.


PEM-Q1: What is EU ELV directive and how does it affect the automotive industry?

PEM-A1: EU ELV directive stands for European 'End of Life Vehicle' directive. This is an environmental legislation adopted in Sept. 2000 by European Union which aims to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles during the design, manufacturing, use and disposal phases. The car manufacturers must comply with the EU ELV directive's requirements to be able to sell vehicles in Europe.

PEM-Q2: What is IMDS and how is it related to the EU ELV directive?

PEM-A2: IMDS stands for 'International Material Data System'. This is a web-based data system used by car manufacturers and their suppliers to collect, create and report materials information about their products. The information gathered in IMDS will be used by the car manufacturers to comply to the EU ELV directive requirements.

PEM-Q3: Does the EU ELV directive affect the automotive suppliers as well?

A3: Yes it does. The car manufacturers incorporated some of the EU ELV directive's requirements into their product specifications. They require their suppliers to submit Product Materials Report during PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) and to produce SoC (Substance of Concern) free products. The suppliers must comply to the said requirements if they want continue doing business with the car manufacturers.

PEM-Q4: Aside from the EU ELV directive, are there any other environmental legislation that affect the automotive industry?

PEM-A4: Yes. There is the European/China/Korea ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), Japan ARL (Automobile Recycling Law) and the European REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals) and many others. Going 'green' is an on-going trend in all industries.

PEM-Q5: How can Intrinsic help your company?

PEM-A5: Intrinsic offers high-quality and cost-effective PEM (Product Environmental Management) support services to the car manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. We have a team composed of skilled engineers with 20+ years of combined experience in PEM. We can help make PEM compliance as seamless as possible for your company.